Membership FAQs


  • Do I need to live in the Hunters Creek HOA to become a member? No, Membership is open to all who would like to join.
  • How do I become a Club Member?    A membership is purchased, either from the Club Board or from a current member* who is surrendering their membership (either for sale or for free).  Members looking to transfer their membership sometimes advertise locally.  Arrangements for purchase/transfer are made directly with the member, subject to approval from the Club Board.  *Note: Current members must be up-to-date with their fees/dues and must surrender all pool documents/keys.
  • Do I pay a yearly cost for this membership?    Yes, annual dues are required to be paid by May 1 of each season.   Occasionally a special assessment fee is applied for extraordinary facility repairs and maintenance.   
  • What happens if I choose not to renew next year?   You may sell your membership at any time, give it away at any time, or you may surrender it to the Club Board between Aug 30 and Nov 30 of the current membership year. If you do not sell/transfer your membership by May 1, you are responsible for that season's dues. 
  • Who is included in a Membership?   Membership status is extended to all family members who reside full time at the residence of the member who purchased the membership.  
  • Can I bring guests to the pool?  Yes, each season current members receive 10 guest passes. Additional passes are available for purchase from the Membership Manager.
  • How do I join the swim team?   Details about the Stingrays Swim Team can be found here
  • When is the pool open for the summer?   The pool opens on the last Saturday of May (Memorial Day weekend) and closes on the first Monday of September (Labor Day).  Hours of operation vary so check the home page for specific times/days of the week. 
  • When can I use the tennis courts?   The tennis courts are open all year and are restricted to member-use only.  Members get a key to access the courts. Courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  • How do I rent the Clubhouse?   The Clubhouse is available for rent all year long and is limited to current Club members and Hunters Creek HOA members only.  Check here for details and to download forms.
  • What kind of social events does the pool host?    The Club hosts multiple social events through-out the year, including family picnics, a crab feast (for adults only), family BBQs, holiday pot-lucks, etc.